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The goal of Seek Create is to live in a posture of worship, prayer, and prophetic creative expression where the Holy Spirit is given free access to move. It is an atmosphere where we selflessly surrender dreams and ideas to the Creator for expansion and sow into one another’s dreams, ideas, and destiny.

Sometimes this looks like dancers who let His song pour through their movement in worship.


Sometimes this looks like artisans who paint God’s heart in worship and go beyond modern definitions of “prophetic art”, typical “revival imagery,” or what is easily found on the surface.


Sometimes this sounds like musicians who desire to escape the boundaries of time and meter, and begin to demonstrate the very breath of God through unexpected sound and rhythm.


Sometimes this looks and sounds like songwriters and poets who come together to create and write songs, spoken word, and beauty through words and music.


Sometimes this finds expression outside of church…on the streets, in our jobs, or at home.


Sometimes this looks like nothing you’ve seen before, but is released for the first time as you express who are–one who was created in the image of the Creator.

Contact Seek Church for Seek Create Events. – hello@seekchurchnyc.com