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Where We Began

After over twenty-five years of ministry around the world, Pastor Aaron moved to NYC in 2008 with a dear friend, hungry to experience signs and wonders on the streets of Manhattan.

They soon began to watch God invade a tiny apartment without furniture for the first 3 months as men and women from all over the region came together for one purpose…God’s Presence.

These gatherings quickly grew into C.K.E. (Creative Kingdom Expression) worship and prophetic nights, mini-conferences, personal ministry sessions, and much more.

While walking the streets of NYC, God asked if they wanted the keys to NYC and the world... 


He said, “Raise up a culture of LOVE, HONOR, and ENCOURAGEMENT, and you will see a ministry that looks like the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. It will manifest in marriages that resemble our perfect union with Jesus. It will result in businesses and ideas that prosper with supernatural favor. It will look like heroes of the faith taking the King and the Kingdom into every sphere of influence, with fruit that will gain the attention of the world.”

S.W.I.M. (Signs & Wonders In Manhattan) was immediately birthed as teams went out every Thursday night around the city to explode the love of God through love evangelism, encouragement bliss bombs, and intercession. Teams from Bethel Redding and other churches around the US came to join us as we blitzed the city with love! 

After years of ministry and miracles on the streets, in coffee shops, and in homes all over NYC, a group of leaders said “yes” to God’s call to start Seek Church. They intentionally spent the first few years growing together as a leadership team before opening our doors to the public.

On Valentines Day, 2016 they made it official and opened to the public. Seek Church became a forever fixture in NYC, renting dance studios around Midtown to host this movement. 

Seek Church is so excited to see God’s love explode on every beautiful creature who decides to visit and join our family and take this journey with us. Pastor Aaron and all of the other amazing pastors and leaders are committed to the pure and simple gospel. They are dedicated to raising up a family who lives as sons and daughters, who become mothers and fathers, and then raise up more sons and daughters.


Seek Church would love to be the community you call home in New York City with monthly outreaches and quarterly meetings. We are also excited to host monthly meetings in Nashville, TN, and globally online weekly. Hope to see you there!


Senior Pastor

Aaron Horton


Aaron Horton is the founder and senior pastor of Seek Church NYC. She has dedicated her life to providing a safe place for men and women to encounter the Presence of God in a culture of LOVE, HONOR, and ENCOURAGEMENT! In
2014, with a resounding “yes,” she and a room of courageous men and women joined together to pioneer this beautiful ministry called Seek Church NYC.

After taking all services to an online platform in order to include people from all over the world, Seek Church Nashville was birthed as Pastor Aaron and Papa Jim relocated to the trees of Nashville, TN. She loves the online family and Seek Church LIVE meetups in NYC and Nashville as our community continues to expand and grow as a family.

Pastor Aaron is committed to seeing lives  transformed as we dive into our identity and truly live in who we are in Christ as sons and daughters. She created UNLOCKED COACHING and GIRLS WITH SUPER POWERS, where she does individual and group coaching. She is also creating her speaking schedule for
2024-2025 and would love to join your church, conference, or local meeting to
minister with you!


Visit Aaron’s website to learn more about these amazing opportunities, or email for more information.

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Care Pastor

Jim Horton

P Jim.jpg

“Papa Jim” is a true father to many in Seek Church as well as “Daddy” to Pastor Aaron Horton. After years as an ordained minister, missionary, and pastor, this 4th generation West Texas cowboy has put down roots in NYC as a pastor and New York State Chaplain.


His compassion for the men and women of this church is unparalleled as he lives to pour out the heart of the Father on every person who walks through our doors!


Expect the greatest hugs around from this amazing treasure!

Outreach Pastor

Becky Jacobs

Becky Jacobs.jpg

Pastor Becky is an amazing pioneer, missionary, and evangelist. She is a deep lover of God and people. Known by many as “Mama Blaze,” her impact truly goes around the world through the joy she so brilliantly carries.


Becky is our Outreach Pastor, teaches Bible Bliss & many of our Core Bible classes, as well as leads S.W.I.M (Signs & Wonders In Manhattan) & LOVE Invasion in Newark, NJ.


Get to know this powerhouse and always expect a hug!

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